Strategic Alignment Training

Funding for Staff Training

HRIA on behalf of its member base has recently appointed Strategic Alignment Training Pty Ltd (SAT) as its preferred training provider, to assist HRIA members with their training needs.

SAT, through its long-standing relationship with Registered Training Organisations and government bodies, can source relevant, targeted training for our industry, and can also where applicable facilitate both State and Federal funding to cover the costs of this training.  In many instances, HRIA members can attract funding which not only covers the cost of training but in addition provides surplus funds to be used in any way suitable to the business.

SAT has been working with some HRIA members since 2010 and understands the needs of the hire industry.  If you have an immediate training need for your business, your existing staff, or have recently recruited or are considering recruiting new staff we would encourage you to reach out to SAT.  SAT will respond to all emails and phone calls as a matter of priority.

SAT has provided the HRIA with a dedicated Business Development Manager, Stephanie Hiskins. Steph can be contacted on mobile 0488 777 278 or email and